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Iridite 14-2 Brush Kit


Macdermid Enthone


Iridite 14-2 Brush-On Kit contains sufficient chemicals to clean and Iridite
coat approximately 1000 square feet (93 m2) of aluminum surface when used
under normal conditions and in accordance with instructions.
Iridite 14-2 Al-Coat, supplied in the Brush-On Kit, is designed to produce
corrosion-resistant coatings on aluminum varying from clear to yellow-brown
in color. The protective value of the film roughly depends on the color
produced, and is a function of the number of times the solution is brushed on
the surface and the time interval that the Iridite 14-2 solution is allowed to
contact the aluminum surface.
The film produced provides protection as a final finish, but is also an ideal
base for paints or lacquers or for rubber bonding. It has a minimum effect on
the electrical characteristics and can be used to provide protection to
anodized surfaces as a touch-up method when these surfaces have been
removed by scratching or machining.


KIT CONTENT: Each Iridite 14-2 Brush-On Kit contains:

2 x 4oz. can Iridite 14-2  (113.4g)
2 x 16oz. can Isoprep 188 deoxidizer (453.6g)
1 x  6"x9.5" pad Ultra-fine Scotch Brite

Iridite 14-2 Brush Kit


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