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  Gallade Chemical is a distributor of chemicals used for laboratory research & analysis, industrial manufacturing, microelectronics, and more. In business since 1964 with numerous customer satisfaction awards and Authorized distributor for FUJIFILM Electronic Materials .
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FUJIFILM Electronic Materials products meet and exceed the needs of the world’s leading device makers with advanced photoresists, polyimides, high-purity formulated products and thin films systems.

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Extremely high resolution state-of-the-art resists for sub-0.12µm geometries in 193nm and 248nm technology through i-line, g-line and broadband photoresists including rubber based negative technologies. We also offer a photoresist system known as TIS 2000TM for 248nm and 193nm exposure wavelengths.

Specialty coatings used as a protective layer or "buffer coat" before packaging. Specifically engineered for Fabs running amine sensitive processes, the aqueous developable Durimide 9000 series material offers opportunity for developer consolidation within the Fab.

Formulated Products
A comprehensive range of specialty etchants, cleaners, removers and other ancillary products designed to compliment the FUJIFILM Electronic Materials photoresist and polyimide product lines.

Thin Films Systems
A full range of ultra-pure CVD and diffusion chemicals as well as high purity delivery systems designed to provide cost saving turn-key “system solutions” and next generation technologies to the semiconductor industry. The Thin Film Systems group is dedicated to being the prominent source of value to OEMs and end users.

Color Mosaic®
The FUJIFILM Electronic Materials Color Mosaic® technology is a photosensitive-pigmented material used to produce the color filter array which is incorporated in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and Image Sensors (ISs). The technology is used worldwide by display manufacturers to produce the red, green and blue color pixels found in leading-edge display products. The Color Mosaic® technology produces a color filter with high transparency and colorimetric purity.


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