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  Gallade Chemical is a leading distributor of chemicals, lab equipment/supplies and worker safety products. In business since 1964 with numerous customer satisfaction awards.
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Lab Equipment, Plasticware, Supplies & More

The complete Bel-Art Scienceware product line from plasticware to general lab equipment and supplies. Over 1,900 items to choose from.

Lab & Industrial Safety Item Plastic Dispensers

Cleanroom and High Tech Dispensers and Holders for Hand Specific Gloves, Beard Covers, Booties/Bouffants, Face Masks, and Custom Clean Room Items

Safety & Personal Protective Equipment

Choose from leading brands like 3M, to keep your employees safe and your facility in compliance.

Connector Enhancing Treatments

DeoxIT ®, DeoxIT ® GOLD (formerly ProGold), DeoxIT ® SHIELD (formerly PreservIT) and DeoxIT ® FaderLube (formerly CaiLube MCL).

3M™ Novec ™ Aerosol Cleaners
3M™ Novec ™ Aerosol Cleaners are a revolutionary line of non-flammable, high-performance cleaners: 3M™ Novec ™ Electronic Degreaser, Contact Cleaner and Flux Remover.

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Test Strips

All laboratories, even those that already have sophisticated instrumentation, can benefit from chemical tests which are rapid, convenient, and mobile. We have the right solutions.

  Gallade Chemical is an authorized distributor for the following chemical manufacturers as well as many others.  

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